1 to 1 or more

Learning English online, (1 on 2 to 7), is also a good way to progress if you have professional teachers.  Some classes need interaction (conversation with others). We can do that. Just tell us what you want here. Your teacher will control interaction to make it interesting, memorable and fun. This is also a good ways for Mum to teach the kids, as well as groups of students that need more practice and of course companies / organisations who can progress together. And it cuts the cost at just $20 class for 1 to 1 or the group.

1 on 1 or more



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The block programs we offer are  tailor made’ for you. To discuss this text Admin (below)

English base courses consist of lessons on a subject like Business, Educational/general, Social, Travel etc..

Let’s take PRE-INTERMEDIATE in General education as an example. Course syllabus would be made up of lessons covering Vocabulary, Writing, Reading, speaking skills/pronunciation, listening skills, conversation /correction etc.

Class Time, days or week is up to you the student (Tailor made courses)

Or.    Each subject covered by progression

An example could be:

Vocabulary/Pronunciation               Writing                          Reading                                Conversation
 Banking words.  Writing withdrawals/deposit slips etc.  Reading bank forms.  Going to the bank
 Vocabulary                        Application for a job    Reading Job Specs/Description.    Applying for a job

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1 on 1 or more


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