The English Journey Begins Online.

Enrolment on-going. Hi!  Nice of you to join us. This is a 6 month PACKAGE DEAL where you get the whole course at just $20 an hour. You get to meet your classmates, do homework prep with your classmates and you get, once again, a regular teacher.

Course starts on Correcting Pronunciation, then follows logical steps through the Eight Parts of Speech, Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays, Conversations in varying situations and you get a certificate on graduation.

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WELCOME to our ‘live’ Virtual Internet English Academy where Qualified Teachers / Tutors are real. Where teaching discussions are real, campus is real and you’re a living part of it. You even get to visit the EOL School canteen and fellow students in the library.

Ever tried Learning English Online by asking the recording a question? Or, reading the instructions in a language you’re trying to learn? Do you know what euphemisms are, and why you shouldn’t use them? Did somebody teach you the correct pronunciation of characters or were they just people who know a little English. Our teachers are teachers. They had to study English as a major. They had to pass a teachers licensing exam also.

Our purpose and wish is to make sure you are relaxed, and a happy part of our school, progressing on a daily basis.

English Lessons with an Online Tutor / Teacher 1to1 is fun and Discussions are interesting and Educational. We teach all ages and also teach groups.

Come and join us. You can also text direct or email us.

             Landline:- 0347087644 

Text: Smart (63) 921 812 8742

            Globe (63) 945 214 3414


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