On-line EnglishTeachings. Be understood!

We are a professional team working internationally. We are producing work for qualified teachers and giving genuine and professional instruction to students.

We are pushing back against teaching hundreds of variants of English. We want our students to be understood, so here at Christchurch we teach core values. Teaching English on-line has become an ‘out of control’ mess. And, we have teachers who are committed to teaching clear, precise and accurate English. It’s fun and our students are understood. If you want the best, we are here.

Cost per hourly class is $25 per student. You can share this cost (teacher’s income and administration costs) with other students. Bring a friend if you want.

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United Kingdom
UK Flag ‘The Union Jack’

Whether it is ESL, EFL, TOEFL, TEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, business, reading, writing, conversation, or grammar classes, one on one or small groups. They are all good way to learn to read, speak & write English. We swap homework by gmail and you can contact us at eol1to1.4@gmail.com. You can find the best qualified, private English tutor’s and professor’s online right here. Teachers are specialized in; speaking, listening, writing and grammar skills and work with students from all countries; Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Burma and India to name a few. We cater for students of all ages, and have sessions for families, individuals, groups whether beginners, basic, pre or upper intermediate or advanced levels.  Online classes use ZOOM software because it is easy and reliable to use. We can teach English online using a computer or mobile phone to students in most countries ie: Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Taiwanese, Italian, students etc. We teach primary, secondary, high school, college and university levels as well as classes for kids, adults, and  those students who want to do better. We have lessons that fit your budget and you’ll get all the resource tools you need.

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