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Pronunciation:   Vowels, Consonants,  ………  The magic of vowels….. Vowels 2.. letter soundings….. Consonants soundings 1….. Consonants soundings 2…..  Pronunciation of major IELTS (or TOEIC) words 1 …….   Pronunciation of major IELTS words 2….. Pronunciation of  major IELTS words 3……. Numbers and symbols.
Reading:   (Pronunciation of characters from written text) Basic stories etc based on Business, academic, social etc. reading/ correction…….. You can pick your topics.
Writing:  (Learning the pen strokes)
Listening Skills:  (recognizing sounds, spacing’s and sound patterns. Stories based on Business, academic, social etc. You can pick your topics.
Conversation classes:   Introducing yourself, Applying for a job,  Meeting somebody,   Shopping, Asking the way, General conversation, Going to the Bank….. Going to the Airport….  (You can add more)
1,The eight parts of speech. 8 lessons + confirmation exam.
2. Simple sentences, Compound sentences, Complex sentences, word order,
Paragraphs and writing essays.
Course A) Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. 6PM Hong Kong Time
Course B) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . 7PM Hong Kong Time.


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