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VISION AND PURPOSE   The academy has a clearly stated vision and purpose based on its student needs, current educational research, and the belief that all students can achieve high academic levels. Supported by the Governing Board, The Parent Teachers Organisation/central administration, the academy’s purpose is defined further by expected wide learning results through the academic standards.

Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy is a non-sectarian private institution committed to develop the full potential of a person to become healthy, literate, responsible, and an active participant in economic, political, and social-cultural activities in a humane and productive society.

To become a whole person, a strong person based on building a strong foundation to achieve a true educational success.

Premised on the Principal of (In God, People, the Environment, and the World).

Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy was founded by;

derek 5006                         Dr Len Royal. PhD, FIMgt, M.B.I.M, M.I.T.D, W.D.S.S.A. S.I.T.O

A well-known happy character having taught  worldwide, and specifically in lead universities like Chungnam University Daejeon, Beijing International Youth University, UK’s prestigious Sandhurst, Cranwell, Birmingham, Beaconsfield Universities & Nanuri International School, to name a few now heads: The Education Department of  Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy  Fondly remembered for: 

bday lunch 1                                      WORK HARD, PLAY HARD……..happy happy??

The prof attended and passed his Mechanical Engineering College course in 1959 to 1962.  (Mastering in Internal combustion engines and pumps). Attending a civil Engineering course in 1962 to 1964 with upgrading courses that followed he was tasked to build a town complex of houses, church, swimming pool etc) in the Hamala area in Bahrain (Saudi) and an airport (runway, conning tower, local hospital, services etc) in Masirah island in Yemeni. Both areas today are bustling successful cities. Hobbies included downhill skiing, slalom, parachuting from aeroplanes, jets, and helicopters together with general-free-falling and balloon jumping. Sleeping was certainly never a hobby and throughout his life he survived on just 4 hours sleep each night.

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Developing through Plant engineering, Amphibious Engineering, Marine Engineering as well as becoming a German language interpreter he also became an advisor to the Commander in Chief Royal Engineers UK. The Prof advanced through linguistics and has to date taught in over 30 countries The Prof is presently building an autonomous farm for the benefit of teaching Filipino children the art of surviving in climate change. The farm, a 10mil project supplies its own water, vegetables, fruits, meats and fish. The Prof now also spends his time building the first truly virtual academy to secure work for some 45% of certificated teachers with a masters in English that cannot find work, whilst, at the same time combating against the many varieties and often non-understandable English language variances being taught around the globe.


Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy (The first of its kind) offers super courses and Private tuition designed courses with the students and staffs future in mind. Courses are packed with interest and whether you, the student be on a full time or part time basis the outcome is guaranteed to be worthwhile giving a sound knowledge backed with a certificate. Join us. We will ‘blow your mind’. Step into a place that’s fun, and good for you.

DSC02256 DSC01599 len evening suit DSC03041 Picture 008

The Prof invites you to watch the film above. It is for you, and your family and friends. It tells you about London, England, and about the English Language. It’s a wonderful film and is special to The Prof who lived near where the film was made.  We all hope you enjoy it. It’s the home-town of our founder. It’s the profession of our founder. In fact, it really does explain WHO WE ARE. It’s about England and our chosen subject: ENGLISH.

Anyway….. Join our Team of Professional English Language Teachers. Our teachings are kept clear accurate and fun; at a fee that suits your pocket and available time.

  1. You will be assigned a permanent, personal, professional, certificated teacher trained to teach at your level on a regular basis.
  2. You will be given free instructional aids to help you to understand.
  3. You will be given a copy of your time schedule.
  4. You will have your own course designed for you based on courses below.
  5. You will be able to take classes from any location.

(Your Home, Office, College, etc.)

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