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Depending on your level of English……. We are guessing your at least high upper intermediate / advanced.

TOEIC® 40hour course. 4 hourly class per week for 12 weeks

Our TOEIC® preparation course is a 48hrs course. This is best taken over 12 weeks at 4 1 hourly classes each week. (4 hours week x 12 weeks = 40hours) Payable weekly at $100


TOEIC® stands for Test of English for International Communication. The TOEIC® test aims to assess your ability to understand English in a business context. It is designed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

The language and situations covered in the TOEIC test are useful across a wide range of business, travel, and work situations.

TOEIC Test Format

The test is divided into two main sections: Listening Comprehension and Reading. There are 100 items in each section. All items are multiple choice. The test takes about two hours to complete.

Listening Comprehension Part 1: Photographs 10 questions 45m
Part 2: Question-Response 30 questions
Part 3: Short Conversations 30 questions
Part 4: Short Talks 30 questions
Total 100
Reading Part 5: Incomplete Sentences 40 questions 75m
Part 6: Text Completion 12 questions
Part 7: Reading Comprehension 48 questions
Total 100

You mark your answers on a special Answer Sheet using a pencil.

The test is in American English. However, the Listening Comprehension section features “standard” American, British, Australian and Canadian accents.

Over six million people take the TOEIC® test every year. It is an increasingly popular way to assess English proficiency in the world of work. More than 10,000 corporations and institutions in 120 countries throughout the world use the TOEIC® test.

Accepted and trusted by 14,000+ organizations in more than 160 countries, the TOEIC® tests assess your English-language proficiency across all four language skills needed to succeed in the global workplace — listening, reading, speaking and writing. With your TOEIC score, you can:

  • get a fair, accurate evaluation of your ability to communicate in English
  • show potential employers your full range of communication skills
  • differentiate yourself from the competition
  • expand your job opportunities

The TOEIC® tests are issued very carefully by geographical area. Yes there will be different tests in different areas. The reason for this is for test security, meaning to reduce the opportunity for someone to be able to sit the same version of the test twice (which is not allowed!)

TOEIC® 40hour course. 4 hourly class per week for 12 weeks

Our TOEIC® preparation course is a 48hrs course. This is best taken over 12 weeks at 4 1 hourly classes each week. (4 hours week x 12 weeks = 40hours) Payable weekly at $100


You can use the below charts to find out how many hours of study it will take to reach a target TOEIC level from your current level. For example, if your current level is TOEIC 400, and your target is the 700 point level, it will take you approximately 750 hours of study to achieve your goal. It is important to note that it takes many more hours of study to raise one’s TOEIC score at the upper end of the scale than at the lower end. For example, it takes about 100 hours of training to raise a score from 200 to 300 points, but it takes an estimated 400 hours to raise a score from 800 to 900 points.X
Estimated Hours of Study Needed to Progress
Between TOEIC Levels
–> 100 hrs 250 hrs 450 hrs 700 hrs 1000 hrs 1350 hrs 1750 hrs
–> 150 hrs 350 hrs 600 hrs 900 hrs 1250 hrs 1650 hrs
–> 200 hrs 450 hrs 750 hrs 1100 hrs 1500 hrs
–> 250 hrs 550 hrs 900 hrs 1300 hrs
–> 300 hrs 650 hrs 1050 hrs
–> 350 hrs 750 hrs
–> 400 hrs


Please remember that these figures are all rough approximations. Many factors will influence your progress, including how hard you work, your native ability, and the quality of instruction you receive. From these charts, you should be able to get a realistic idea of how long it will take you to reach your goal. If you can estimate how long it will take you to learn English, you can avoid the unrealistic expectations that lead so many students to feel disappointed with their progress. So the next time you see a book in the book store with a title like “Perfect English in Only 20 Days,” you will know that that is not only a wild exaggeration, it is impossible!
The TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) is probably the most cost effective and readily available way of evaluating an employees English skills, and for this reason, about 2,000 companies in Japan are now using it. The test was developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service), the same company that produces the GMAT test. Scores range from 10 to 990 with steps of five points. As a point of reference, TOEIC 730 (which is approximately equivalent to TOEFL 550*) is considered by most U.S. universities to be the minimum English proficiency level to begin academic work. Most universities will not accept applicants with scores lower than TOEIC 730. TOEIC 875 (which is approximately equivalent to TOEFL 600) is the minimum standard that most Universities set for applicants to programs where a good command of English is required, for example, an MBA Program.
*TOEIC score x .348+296=TOEFL score. This formula is published by ETS.